Lincoln at the Lincoln premier tweets

A look at the (mostly) positive tweets for Lincoln’s premier at the NYFF.

“Early reviews for #Lincoln are positive. Tommy Lee Jones apparently steals the show (as he should).”~~
“review from its surprise showing at the New York Film Festival! Damn near masterpiece!”~~
“#Lincoln gets a great response at #NYFF. Although a few negative ones make it seem like Amistad. But in my book, that’s a very good thing!”~~
“@ZeitchikLAT: Quick awards takeaway on #Lincoln: Day-Lewis for actor, Tommy Lee Jones for supporting, Kushner for screenplay. #nyff”~~
“Spielberg said all accounts describe Lincoln’s voice as high tenor not Epcot booming. DDL figured out voice & all other mannerisms. #NYFF”~~
“IMO Pheonix and Day-Lewis are tied when it comes to my pick for Best Actor. Seriously, Day-Lewis is a serious contender #LincolnMovie #NYFF”~~
“RT @popgirlnyc: Lincoln: Daniel Day-Lewis completely embodies the POTUS. Kushner’s writing is brilliant. Spielberg works magic. #NYFF”~~
“@TomiLaffly: Cant get over how intricate Lincoln’s script was & how superbly the ensemble gave it a voice under Spielberg’s orchestration #NYFF @FilmLinc”~~
“Tonight @FilmLinc: Great hearing Spielberg say “Lincoln” was the first project since college that felt like live theater. #Lincoln #NYFF”~~
“@Bramsky600: Another thing about #Lincoln. Tommy Lee Jones is at his best. It’s a shame it wasn’t for a more balanced movie. Give him an oscar! #NYFF”~~
“Lots to like in Lincoln, lots to cut (all of JoGo?), but it’s mostly very good. DDL and Sally Field should practice their speeches #nyff”~~
“Just saw “Lincoln” @ Alice Tully Hall. Needs some more work but Daniel Day-Lewis has an Oscar nomination in his hands. #NYFF”~~
“Lincoln is an amazing movie. Brilliant, political, smart, funny, entertaining, restrained with majestic perfs from DDL, SField, TLJ #NYFF”~~
“Tommy Lee Jones has the flashy emotional part with big scenes. He will an awards magnet this year #NYFF”~~
“Day Lewis is v good but it’s a quiet performance without an emotional arc. Film is about legislation after all. #NYFF 2/4″~~
“solid historical entertainment. Surprised by its humor. Better than Amistad but in same vein”~~
“Do love tho how Kushner & Spielberg focused really tightly on a brief period and singular congressional fight over 13th Amend. #NYFF”~~
“Lincoln (C) Not as bad as the trailers suggested but not interesting enough to watch again. A fine history lesson but not much more. #NYFF”~~
“Lincoln is wonky, lyrical and compelling. #nyff #Spielberg”~~
“Daniel Day-Lewis much more understated and playful than the scenery-chewing trailer suggests. #nyff #lincoln”~~
“Spielberg has lost his touch. It’s just too dull and boring to recommend. However, Daniel Day Lewis is “the master”. hes fab #NYFF”~~
“Spielberg’s Lincoln at #NYFF was rock solid monument to Abe, a bounce back from War Horse. Predix: Oscar noms galore. Tommy Lee Jones FTW”~~
“Lincoln is heavy on the politics. But I loved all the behind-the-curtain government stuff. Kushner’s playwright roots all over it. #NYFF”~~
“Standing ovation at #NYFF now as Steven Spielberg takes stage with writer Tony Kushner. Another as he intros Daniel Day Lewis & Sally Field.”~~
“Lincoln was alright, Day Lewis was okay he’s done better and with better material. And it was really really slow. #nyff #lincoln.”~~
“Spielberg in definite contention for Oscar number three. #NYFF #LINCOLN”~~
“Being better than War Horse is a victory RT @AwardsCircuit: LINCOLN soars and Spielbergs best in years #NYFF”~~
“LINCOLN soars and Spielbergs best in years #NYFF”~~
“”Working on LINCOLN was a true privilege… marvelous script by Tony Kushner… amazing cast led by Daniel Day-Lewis.” —Spielberg at #NYFF”~~
“The Secret Screening of the 50th #NYFF is LINCOLN! Steven Spielberg on stage now…”~
“I’m watching Lincoln”~~
“Know secret screening is #Lincoln but still hoping it turns out to be #DjangoUnchained”~~
“I can’t wait to see the movie Lincoln. I am so obsessed with Abraham Lincoln I might die.”~~
“Too bad I can’t go”~~
“CEO Stacy Snider talks #Lincoln and the changing movie industry”.

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