SAG noms in 1 Month, then Oscar voting begins

Which 5 films will SAG nominate for ensemble? That 5th slot becomes important. I’m gonna go Master. It may not still be a top 5 Oscar nomination, but I believe the force of its acting talent will cause it to slide into a nomination with the Actors branch. The main two alternatives are Zero Dark Thirty and Life of Pi.

Sometimes amidst a whole slew of various dates for nominations opening, nominations closing, winners opening, winners closings for several different races, it is helpful to take each at a time. The SAG nominations will be announced on the 12th of December, just about a month from now. A few short days later the voting for Oscars begins. The SAG awards are presented on January 27th, a few weeks ahead of Oscar winner voting begins. Therefore, the SAG will continue to have a major impact on shaping the race, who voters can consider those where votes might make a difference.

So we know that in about a month the battle lines will be clearly drawn for the Oscars as a whole. Therefore, here are my predictions for, specifically, the SAG nominations for film (no partiular order):


Jennifer Lawrence

Keira Knightley

Jessica Chastain

Marion Cotillard

Emmanuelle Riva


Tommy Lee Jones

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Robert De Niro

Alan Arkin

Leonardo Dicaprio


Denzel Washington

Joaquin Phoenix

Daniel Day-Lewis

Hugh Jackman

John Hawkes


Amy Adams

Helen Hunt

Anne Hathaway

Sally Field

Maggie Smith



Silver Linings Playbook


Les Miserables

The Master

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