That slowly building zeitgeist’s first test: Twilight.

Now certainly, i’m under no misconception to believe Lincoln has a whiff of a chance up against the abysmal Twilight series on opening weekend ticket sales. Yet, in a side by side comparison we might see that mass of automatic ticket sales fall off rather quickly, where the excellently told story of our nation’s greatest President by Kushner, Goodwin, Spielberg and Day-Lewis (to saying nothing of the remainder of the cast and crew) could be the kind of cultural event zeitgeist that shames the conclusion to that shallow series to its core.

Amongst an eclectic slew of other “medium sized” Oscar films boasting a wide range of tastes and flavors, Lincoln could be that film that defines the year and the telecast. And while I am still #teamsilverlinings, I can’t say I would be disappointed with the consensus starting to drift towards Lincoln. Of course, it’s the moment and that’s the type of shifting one would expect. Nevertheless, if it is indeed Lincoln I believe we’re seeing a year that might be more about a movie that captures the imagination of a country, not to mention a welcome return to the forefront for Steven Spielberg, who is quite simply a national treasure.

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