Les Miserables, the great and powerful

The Les Mis reaction was exactly what would’ve been expected, okay maybe a little more than expected. I don’t know, perhaps it’s situating the film so far outside of the film festival releases that folks are excited to get a significant screening during the winter. Nonetheless, I need not re-hash the gushing praise the film received from critics, bloggers, old so and so’s, you can see that here:


With a cast that is sometimes hip (I don’t know, is Hugh Jackman hip?), but always necessarily weighty (well, other than Sacha Baron Cohen), a recent (perhaps TOO recent) Oscar winning director, a ridiculously well known and effective musical, this is quite simply an Oscar behemoth. I mean has a film seemed like such an Oscar behemoth merely on paper before? Not to say it’s not good, it looks like it certainly is, but will its calculation work against it? Time will tell.

So once again it’s Les Miserables vs. Lincoln, or is that Les Miserables vs. Argo? Les Miserables vs. Silver Linings Playbook? Argo vs. Lincoln? Lincoln vs. Silver Linings Playbook? The Master vs. The Master?… anyways, call this a wrap at your own peril, we’ve still got a ways to go. But emotions are high and a little poll will be taken and revealed in 7 short days, The New York Film Critics Circle, with many of those standing in applause voting just there. That award has revealed to us 2 of 3 last Best Picture winners, the other being that crazy outlier The Social Network over… yes, The King’s Speech. It’s hard to not be romantic about the Oscars.

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