24 Days: Oscar Prediction Countdown, Best Animated Short

Leading up to the nominations, I will be counting down the 24 days each with a category’s prediction. Also, 24 days out from the ceremony I will be counting down the 24 with predictions for winners. On February 25, Oscar season 2013/2014 begins! I will list my ten Best Picture predictions, but I am resisting the temptation to look there much before then…

Beginning with the more minor awards, let’s start with Animated Short today, then Documentary Short followed by Live Action Short. I suppose, yes, you could call these “minor” awards, but they’re still pretty fascinating. It’s perhaps been said before numerously, on the show itself and elsewhere, but the manner in which these categories are able to propel filmmakers of very little experience into the spotlight is to be commended. No contenders this year have previous nominations… Either way, if instead of looking at these as filler, they become exciting caveats, then really the whole show is meaningful and a consistent joy.

Some of the films will be available for free online and I will watch those nominated which are. I also might see several before larger movies. Any in this category i’ve watched in past years have been fine films.

I am indebted largely to Gold Derby for a starting list: (http://www.goldderby.com/odds/experts/56/).
Here, it’s also a matter of finding your inevitable contenders and discerning where the real races are. The first four feel like they’re highly likely to get in.

24. Oscar nominations coundtown, Best Animated Short:

Adam and Dog
Maggie Simpson in The Longest Daycare
The Eagleman Stag

Paperman is a pretty creative Disney offering put out before Wreck-it Ralph, Adam and Dog won the Annie Award, I really must root for the Simpsons, The Eagleman Stag won a BAFTA last year and finally, I picked Combustible since I like the sound of it.

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