18 Days: Score

Most of these are predictions. I allow some of my own wishes into the mix, just being honest. Being a defender of the spectacular Anna Karenina, this seems to be one of its few categories with a chance. Production Design and especially Costume Design are obvious ones for AK. Score is also a possibility. Yet, it will require paying attention to details, taking into account how the music plays into the ground breaking visual style. Nonetheless, it’s not too far fetched a notion, getting a Globe nomination. I think the recent major critical support for Zero Dark Thirty will also help it here. I also really enjoyed The Master and hope that Johnny Greenwood’s haunting score will not go unnoticed. But this is a really fluid category. Other big names could be Life of Pi, Beasts of the Southern Wild and Cloud Atlas… Here are my predictions.

Anna Karenina
The Master
Zero Dark Thirty

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