Top 5 Oscar Surprises

Sure there are snubs aplenty: Bigelow, Afleck, Moonrise Kingdom, Hawkes, you hear a lot about those…
But I was really excited several times this morning. The five that caught my attention…

(1) Zeitlin!: Benh Zeitlin for Director. This category is basically validating Sundance and Cannes as Oscar bellweathers. But, you have to be excited especially for this first time feature director and his little movie that could. Also Wallis avoided being snubbed, which easily could’ve happened.

(2) Anna Karenina: Expected three, but got four. I mean Cinematography! I’m glad it gets some love there. Glad they were thinking when they nominated Anna Karenina for Cinematography, Production Design, Costume Design and Score.

(3) Phoenix (and his pals) for The Master: I was pretty worried Joaquin Phoenix might get shut out here. Amy Adams seemed to be in danger as well, but along with Hoffman, the excellent work of all three is recognized.

(4) Silver Linings Playbook sweeping major cateogires: Including Editing as a major category, that’s Picture, Director, ALL acting categories, screenplay and editing. Not bad for a romcom. Jacki Weaver deserves that surprise.

(5) Christoph Waltz: Although the reports that there was a leak for Costume Design that turned out not to be true, Django does pretty well with Picture, Cinematography, Sound Editing, Screenplay and Supporting Actor. I thought Waltz was the best thing about the movie. His performance is so quiet that he is mistaken for a Supporting actor. I mean, isn’t he in pretty much every scene (well, spoilers! up to the last twenty minutes)? Anyways, I liked him better here than Inglorious.

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